Important Dates

1851     Fr. Albert Lacombe, a French missionary, has prayer service in this area.

1854     Fr. Pierz offers first mass in the Jacobs Prairie area.

            First marriage at St. James Peter Able & Elizabeth Louis.

1856     First Church, log church 16 x 20′ or 24′.

            St. James is incorporated in the diocese of St. Paul.

            The grasshoppers come.

            First recorded baptism at St. James.

            First recorded death at St. James.

1857     The grasshoppers leave after much misery.

1858     First log church destroyed by fire.

            The second log church is built.

1862     Brother Placid Brixius, OSB, first Brother from St. James makes his vows at St. John’s Abbey.

            The Sioux Indian uprising

1864     The second log church is replaced with a frame structure 30′ x 36′.

            First parish house built.

1865     The first daughter of St. James split off.  Old St. Nicholas, builds a small frame chapel.

1871     Brother Placid Brixius, O.S.B., died and is the first Brother laid to rest in the Abbey Cemetery.

1873     First resident pastor.

1875     Addition built onto third church.

            The Grasshoppers return.

1876     The grasshoppers leave a second time after much misery

1877     Construction of the first Assumption Chapel, (the Grasshopper Chapel).

1878     The second daughter of St. James split off.  Cold Spring, St. Boniface, mass is held in completed basement of parish church.

1884     Cecilia Beck is the first Sister from St. James to become a member of St. Benedict’s Convent at St. Joseph as Sister Perpetua.

1885     Dedication of Cold Springs first church (presently the Parish Center).

1889     The diocess of St. Cloud is establish.

1894     Third church destroyed by a cyclone.

            The same cyclone destroys the Assumption Chapel.

            Forth Church, a frame structure with brick veneer 35′ x 36′, is built.

1896     First priest ordained at St. John’s Abbey from St. James, Fr. James Hansen, O.S.B..

1898     An addition is added to the church.

1905     Parish celebrates the Golden Anniversary of the parish one year late to coincide with Fr. Pius Meinz’ First Solemn Mass.

1908     Second parish house built.

1911     The third daughter of St. James split off, Rockville parish, is formed.

1930     Forth church destroyed by fire.

            Fifth church Built

1931     Fifth church dedicated.

1951     Present Assumption Chapel constructed.

1954     Parish celebrates its centennial.  Statistics of the first one hundred years:

            1,316 baptisms, 257 marriages, 321 deaths.

            6 priests and 1 brother became members at St. John’s Abbey. 

            8 sisters became members of St. Benedict’s Convent at St. Joseph.

            4 sisters became members of the Franciscan Convent at Little Falls

1984     The Second parish house is badly damaged by fire.

            The Third parish house is built.

1985     Germain Hall is built.

2007     Air conditioning is added to church.

2009     Stain glass windows added to entryways.

2011     Elevator installed and handicap-accessible bathroom added.

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